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What SMP In Los Angeles Does And Who Can Use It

SMP in Los Angeles was originally developed in Europe. The combination of art and science dates to ancient times. SMP in Los Angeles is an extremely simple method for restoring the look of a man’s hair when he experiences hair loss.

The loss of hair has a huge impact on a man’s confidence. Many men feel that they are not attractive to women when they lose their hair. The idea is to restore the look of having hair and restore the feelings of youth and vitality that go with the feeling of having hair.

Women also feel pain from hair loss. Culture and fashion make hair more important to women.

How SMP in Los Angeles Works

All natural

Plant based pigments are injected in microscopic amounts into the areas of the dermis of the scalp. The pigment blends are totally natural. Ten years of research and the experience of thousands of men have shown that there are no detrimental health threats from this treatment.


Many hair restoration treatments are surgical. The removal of some hair and the replacement in the hairless parts of the scalp is a surgery. The procedure has all of the inherent dangers that any surgical procedure has even though it is not truly invasive. SMP is completely non-surgical.

Color matched

The injected pigment dots are color matched to the hair and scalp color of a given individual. The look is as close to a man’s present hair and skin tone as is possible. The color match is undetectable once the procedure is complete.

An Art Form

SMP in Los Angeles requires years to master. The procedure is staged in three sessions. The length of each session depends on the extent of hair loss. The first session is the longest. The second session refines the color that the first session created. The third session produces the finishing touches that create a perfect match with the existing hairline. The entire process may take as long as eight weeks depending on the amount of hair loss and the work involved.

Minor pain

The pigmentation is delivered with tiny needles. The needles move very rapidly. The majority of men feel minor irritation at most. Frequent breaks during the procedure help mitigate any pain.

Guarantees and Duration

The technique is guaranteed for one year. The procedure can last as long as six years without any touchup depending on the individual. Future hair loss will require touchup. Pigments lighten over time and require added color depending on a person’s exposure to sun and water. The success of the initial treatments depends on following instructions.

Who can benefit

Men who like short hair and like the close to the scalp look are ideal candidates for this procedure. Women who have lost hair from natural causes, disease, or accidents can also have that feeling of having hair again. The procedure is perfect for restoring a natural look to areas of the scalp that have been damaged resulting in hair loss.

The look is modern, chic, and sexy.

An added benefit to this treatment is cost. The cost is more than competitive with hair restoration.

SMP can be removed if a person desires.


Smp Los Angeles

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