Scalp Micropigmentation Irving (SMP)

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is a specially developed and refined version of tattooing that is administered to the scalp so that it will simulate hair follicles, restoring esteem to not only men but to women as well who have suffered from various types of hair loss.

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Being one of the first international practitioners educated by the inventors of the SMP therapy, Zang is in high demand by both clients and clinics for his depth of knowledge and expertise, compassion, and empathy.

His technical proficiency enables him to accomplish difficult treatments while simultaneously training and mentoring a new batch of SMP practitioners who are establishing themselves internationally. Zang along with his team has performed works for over 10,000 satisfied clients and more than 200 SMP practitioners so we can certainly say that he is a master among masters!

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What is SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation?

The procedure for Scalp Micropigmentation is non-surgical and this also involves injecting an organic plant-based pigment administered into the dermal layer of the scalp. The deposits of pigments will mimic hair follicles and give the illusion of a head full of hair. If you are entirely bald, we give the 5 o'clock shadow appearance; if your hair is thinning or you are dissatisfied with the results of a hair transplant and want more volume, then SMP is for you.

What is the minimum number of treatments that I will be required to undergo?

Scalp Micropigmentation has always been performed in two sessions, one week apart. The reason for this is that we will be working on your skin which is considered as the biggest organ on your body, and for it to accept our treatment; as the human skin will instantly reject part of the pigment following the initial treatment. Following the first treatment, we anticipate seeing substantial benefits, but following the second treatment, we expect to see a more complete picture. A third treatment, 1-3 months following the second, may be necessary to complete the transformation.

How many hours will each of the treatments take?

Each session lasts between two and four hours, depending on the nature of the task. The initial treatment is generally the longest since we are establishing the hairline and laying the basic layer. Each successive treatment is generally shorter, however, this might vary depending on the extent to which prior therapies were retained.

Who will be deciding on the construction of the hairline?

Numerous variables influence which hairline is most appropriate for you which is why we are going to customize the hairline to your specific features in order to get the most natural and suitable outcome possible. Additionally, we take your own tastes into account, as there are several choices for what looks natural on any particular individual.

After receiving 3 treatments, what am I supposed to do now?

After sticking to the first post-treatment recommendations, relax and appreciate the SMP therapy. We do give a one-year warranty with our treatment programs, so if any pigmentation lightens, you have our promise that we are going to touch it up free of charge. And then, we will be seeing you in a few years after that!

After I have completed the SMP treatments, what do you mean when you say β€œa few years”?

Generally, we anticipate touch-ups every 5-8 years with our clientele. While this is a permanent surgery that will remain indefinitely, there is some natural wear and tear on the skin's surface that causes it to lighten over time.

Do you provide aftercare instruction after the SMP treatment?

It is critical that you adhere to our four-day post-treatment recommendations to avoid premature fading and contamination. In essence, the guidelines state that the first four days should be spent without touching, bathing, cutting, or exercising. Immediately following each treatment, you may wear a hat. You may sleep on it without worrying about the pigment smudging or smearing on your pillows. Complete aftercare instructions are included in the attached PDF.

Download: Mid-Treatment Advice

Do you think I have to take some time off work after the SMP treatment?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure that requires no incisions so there will be no downtime involved; all that is required is that you adhere to the four-day aftercare protocol. In fact, we have a number of clients who come in for the procedure and then they return home the same day and resume work on the next day.

Will others be able to tell the difference that I've had the procedure?

The pigments will initially seem bolder following the first treatment, as they are newly deposited. Overnight, you'll see that the colors begin to soften and settle. The redness, on the other hand, will fade within 48-72 hours. The intensity of redness varies according to the skin's sensitivity, however, most customers observe a substantial reduction in redness 48 hours following the initial treatment. Once the first settling period is complete, your procedure will appear entirely natural.

Is the SMP treatment going to be painful?

SMP is often not as painful as a conventional tattoo for the majority of customers. While each client's pain tolerance varies, our first focus is your health and safety. Our professionals will guarantee that the procedure runs smoothly.

Will I be required to maintain a shaven appearance?

During your visit or via online evaluation, we will evaluate the extent of your hair loss and after determining the kind of hair loss you have, we create a treatment plan for you that includes the style and appearance we believe will work best with our SMP technique.

Norwood 6-7 hair loss clients are required to keep a shaved appearance owing to the quantity of covering generated on top of your head through SMP, so by the time the hair on the back and sides continues to grow, the treatment becomes more noticeable because of the contrast between your hair and the SMP. This is eventually a permanent cosmetic treatment in which we replicate hair follicles with pigments that will never grow or have a three-dimensional texture.

Filler treatments are used to enhance the density of a current hairline and/or the crown. Patients for filler treatments should still have some hair in the region to which we can mix the SMP.

Are you able to cover scars as well?

Yes! Male pattern baldness is not the only indication for scalp micropigmentation. Additionally, it is utilized to camouflage scars from past surgery or injury and it can also be used to hide FUE as well as FUT transplant scars.

Is it essential for me to get my hair trimmed before receiving the SMP treatment?

If we are performing a filler procedure or concealing a scar, we generally suggest that our customers arrive with their shortest hair length possible, unless otherwise specified. If the degree of your hair loss is already in the 6 or 7th class, then it is required that you shave your head before you proceed with the treatment and then keep it shaved.

What do I need to do to ensure proper maintenance of the SMP-treated area?

We will make product recommendations to help you sustain your therapy. Please go to the link on our recommended items page.

Will continuing to shave my head have an effect on the treatment?

You can still shave and wash your head daily; the SMP treatment will not be affected because it is in the epidermal layer, thus, a lot of our clients who have had this surgery shave daily!

How to protect my SMP-treated area from sunlight?

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight might degrade the pigments, resulting in long-term damage to both the treatment and your scalp. When going out and anticipating being in direct sunshine for more than an hour, use protective sunscreen or a hat.

How much will the SMP treatment cost?

The cost of SMP is determined on an individual basis, based on the extent of hair loss as well as the extent of treatment required. The first two procedures are scheduled one week apart, with a third treatment scheduled 1-3 months following the second. Scar concealing treatments cost between $800 and $1,000 each treatment. It costs between $2400 and $3400 for category 2-4 hair loss. Category 5-7 hair loss costs between $3400 and $4200. The top of the scalp including scar concealing costs between $4200 and $5200 for a series of three procedures.

When will SMP payments fall due?

A booking deposit of at least $400 is required in order to reserve your treatment sessions with us. Then, the usual wait period for an appointment is eight weeks. The payments are then split 50/50 across the initial two treatments, and if you are short of funds, we also provide financing as a payment plan for the SMP treatment.

How can I start my SMP treatment journey?

Reach us at 310-425-4975 or through our email at to arrange for a free consultation. Because we serve customers from all over the world, rather than traveling in, you may give us an image of your scalp ( from top-down, and then a birds-eye view) and scar and we will organize a mobile consultation or Facetime/Skype video consultation.

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