Scalp Micropigmentation Boston (SMP)

You don’t need to live with hair loss. If you’ve tried all of the medications and surgical solutions for dealing with pattern baldness and thinning hair, only to be disappointed time and again, you may be feeling frustrated with nowhere else to turn.

You can turn to Zang SMP. We’re here to help with scalp micropigmentation, a unique and effective answer to hair loss that is performed by implanting an organic pigment into the surface layer of the scalp in a procedure that can best be described as a modified version of tattooing. When the treatments are complete, the scalp appears to have hair follicles, adding density to thinning hair and providing a 5 o’clock shadow aesthetic to clients who are completely bald.

Zang SMP has been restoring the self-confidence of men (and women) who are struggling with hair loss in all of its forms. Our team of highly-skilled, expert practitioners are the best in the scalp micropigmentation business with a track record that is unmatched in customer satisfaction.

Schedule a consultation and see what makes Zang SMP the premiere destination for top-quality scalp micropigmentation treatments in Boston.

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What SMP Can Fix

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Male Pattern Baldness

SMP can fix

Thinning Hair

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Scar Camouflage

SMP can fix

Women's Hair Loss


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Fight Back Against Hair Loss

Throw away those messy creams and abrasive powders. Toss those wigs and hats in a drawer. Go with the proven solution for beating hair loss.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical procedure that deposits organic, non-toxic, plant-based pigments along the dermal layer of your scalp to mimic hair follicles for natural-looking results. Depending on the client and his or her particular case of hair loss, SMP can add density or recreate the appearance of a full head of hair.

When topical medications and hair transplant surgeries have failed, scalp micropigmentation can succeed.

How many SMP treatments are required?

Every client will need at least two treatments, each session performed one week apart from one another. That week-long break is necessary to allow the skin to get used to the procedure and reject some portion of the pigment, which is entirely normal and expected. This is the skin’s defense mechanism and while you will see some difference in your appearance after the initial treatment, the second treatment is necessary to get the desired results.

During the second treatment, the pigment that was rejected is restored and additional coverage provided to see the result that you want. Some clients may need a third treatment for touch-ups, which is performed one to three months after the second treatment is completed.

How long do SMP treatments take?

A scalp micropigmentation treatment can take anywhere from two to four hours depending on how much work is needed to achieve the client’s desired results. In most cases, the first session is often the longest as the hairline is constructed and the foundational layer of the treatment is applied.

The second and third treatments are often shorter but this may not be the case for all clients.

Who gets to decide hairline construction?

At Zang SMP, the top priority is ensuring completely natural-looking results. In pursuit of that goal, your practitioner will review all of the factors that should be taken into consideration for tailoring the perfect hairline for your particular features. Once you have discussed all of your personal preferences with the practitioner, the hairline that is best for you will be constructed. There are often multiple appropriate options for a natural look.

Three SMP treatments have been applied. What’s next?

For clients who have undergone three scalp micropigmentation sessions, the next step is to take a good long look in the mirror and enjoy the new you. All SMP treatment plans administered by Zang SMP come with a one year guarantee in the event you notice some loss of pigment or premature fading. If that occurs within one year of your treatments, come in for a touch-up, free of charge.

But if you don’t experience any fading or pigment loss, there are no more treatments needed for at least a few years.

Define “a few years”. Isn’t scalp micropigmentation permanent?

Yes, SMP treatments are a permanent solution to hair loss. But all clients should be advised that, due to typical everyday wear and tear of the surface of the skin, the pigments will start to fade with time. It’s a natural occurrence but it can be corrected with a touch-up session or two, depending on how much the pigments have lightened up.

The average length of time is usually between five and eight years after your last treatment session.

Are the aftercare instructions complicated?

Not at all. The aftercare instructions are pretty simple, but it is also imperative to follow them for four days after treatment. This helps to prevent fading and keeps the SMP application site free from infection.

These are not guidelines but specific directions to follow. The good news is they are basic and easy to remember. Do not wash or cut your hair, do not go for a work out, and do not touch your scalp for four days after an SMP session. You will still be able to wear a hat and you won’t have to adjust the way you sleep.

Refer to the attached PDF for complete aftercare instructions.

Is there any downtime from work after an SMP treatment session?

SMP treatments are a non-invasive, nonsurgical solution for dealing with thinning hair and baldness. There is no lengthy recovery period or downtime required and all that is expected of you is to follow the aftercare instructions to maintain your scalp micropigmentation treatment after each session.

Will it be obvious that scalp micropigmentation treatments have been applied?

Your scalp may appear a bit red and irritated if you have sensitive skin. The pigments are often darker and bolder in the first day or two after a session. These are the only possible signs that might reveal that you have received some kind of treatment. But once the redness and irritation have gone away and the pigments have settled into the dermal layer of the scalp, the treatments will look totally natural.

The only way anyone will know is if you tell them.

Do the scalp micropigmentation treatments hurt?

Every client’s threshold for pain or discomfort is different. What one client finds mild, another might consider extreme. But all of our practitioners take health and safety very seriously and we will make every effort to ensure the procedure is successful and your experience pleasant.

Should clients expect to keep a shaved head after treatment?

This is not necessary for every client, but it will be important for some to maintain a shaved head and continue to keep that look after treatments have been administered. An assessment of your hair loss will be made during the introductory consultation.

The level of your hair loss is classified along the Norwood scale and that classification will help your practitioner decide on the best scalp micropigmentation treatment plan.

If you are classified at a Norwood six or seven, you should expect to keep the shaved head look to ensure that your SMP treatments continue to appear natural. This is because a Norwood six or seven client will require a significant amount of coverage along the crown of the scalp. But with hair continuing to grow in at the back and the sides of the head, the SMP treatment will become more noticeable as scalp micropigmentation doesn’t have a texture. It is two-dimensional whereas actual hair is three-dimensional and the seam where the two meet will emphasize the edges where you have received scalp micropigmentation treatments.

If SMP treatments are administered to add density as filler, with plenty of hair in the surrounding areas to blend the seams properly, then you won’t need to continue shaving your head.

Does Zang SMP perform scar concealment treatments?

Yes, we have administered scalp micropigmentation treatments to conceal scars due to surgery, injury, and even previous FUT or FUE transplant scars when those hair loss solutions have proven ineffective.

Should I get a haircut before my scalp micropigmentation treatment session?

Clients who are getting SMP as a filler treatment for thinning hair or want the procedure performed to address scar concealment, then we recommend you get a haircut to the shortest possible length at which you feel the most comfortable.

If you are at a six or seven on the Norwood scale, you will need to shave your head and expect to maintain that appearance.

Will the scalp micropigmentation treatment be damaged or affected if I keep shaving my head after the sessions are complete?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss as it has been implanted into the dermis layer of the scalp. Shaving your head, washing your scalp, neither of these will do any damage to the SMP treatment. Feel free to shave your head daily.

What are the best ways to protect my scalp micropigmentation from the sun?

It is very important that you avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this can cause the pigments to break down and fade. The sun is not good for your skin either, so it is always a good idea to apply a strong sunscreen to your scalp and wear a hat if you plan on being outdoors in the sunlight for more than one hour.

What is the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Every client has different types of hair loss and the cost of treatment is dependent on the level of work needed to reach the client’s desired result. Some clients may need scar concealment in addition to filler. Some clients may require a lot of coverage across the scalp. For these reasons, the cost of SMP treatments can vary from one client to the next.

The average costs for treatment are as follows: Scar concealment - $800-$1000, Class 2-4 hair loss - $2400-$3400, Class 5-7 hair loss - $3400-$4200, and top of scalp with scar concealment - $4200-$5200 for two to three SMP treatment sessions.

When are payments for the SMP treatment sessions due?

We ask all clients to put down a $400 deposit at the time of booking to secure the appointments. The payments are split in half between each of the two treatments. Financing is available for clients who qualify.

How can I get started with Zang SMP?

You can start by calling us at 310-425-4975 or email at to schedule a free introductory consultation. Our practitioners have worked with clients all over the globe, so if you are unable to come to the clinic for the consultation, we can schedule a Facetime or Zoom call to discuss your scalp micropigmentation needs.

All we ask is that you first send a photo of your thinning hair or hair loss or scar that you would like concealed, taken from overhead looking down at the scalp. This helps our practitioners prepare an effective treatment plan.