About zang smp

About Zang SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that uses plant-based, non-toxic pigments embedded into the dermis layer of the scalp to achieve the appearance of hair follicles. The method is very similar to getting a tattoo and the results are just as permanent. Most clients will require anywhere from two to four treatment sessions for best results.

We started ZangSMP with one goal – to offer clients an effective, personalized experience for treating hair loss with compassion and care. Our SMP experts know this can be a difficult time as you struggle with finding the best possible solution for thinning or lost hair.

We want to restore your self-confidence and give you back control over the way you look.  You shouldn’t have to deal with hair loss alone and our team of highly-skilled SMP practitioners have treated thousands of happy clients. Give us a call to schedule your initial consultation and let’s discuss how scalp micropigmentation can change your life.

Customized Treatments to Address Hair Loss

Every client is different and that's why a one-size-fits-all attitude is never part of the ZangSMP experience. Treating hair loss with scalp micropigmentation requires a specialized, personal approach that addresses the unique challenges and desired results of each client.

Thinning hair, patches of missing hair, longer hairstyles, shorter hairstyles, even the shape of the head and the color of the hair, all of these factors play a significant role in developing the most effective and natural-looking SMP treatment regimen. Our team of experts understand how these differences can have a major impact on the amount of treatments needed and the best methods for applying the pigments in the affected areas of the scalp. Whether it's the construction of the hairline or finding the exact shade of pigment that best matches your existing hair color for a seamless blend of pigment and follicle, ZangSMP always ensures that no one will know you've received scalp micropigmentation unless you decide to tell them!

Meet Zang

Zang has achieved worldwide recognition as among the pioneers of the modern scalp micropigmentation technique. Trained in the art of scalp micropigmentation by the creators of this unique solution to hair loss, Zang has blazed his own trail and garnered high praise to become one of the most sought-after practitioners of SMP across the globe.

Prior to opening his own studio, Zang was the senior practitioner at His Hair Clinic where he played an integral role in advancing and perfecting the SMP technique that has become widely adopted as best practices at clinics around the world. His influence was a driving force in bringing SMP to the United States.

Zang's wide-ranging expertise and knowledge have made him the first choice of celebrities and athletes alike to treat hair loss and thinning hair, always providing natural-looking results.

Meet Walter

This is Walter, ZangSMP's senior lead practitioner and one of the best scalp micropigmentation artists on the planet. Personally trained by Zang, Walter worked at His Hair Clinic as lead practitioner for the Seattle, San Francisco, and Houston locations and he has been a trusted practitioner of SMP treatments since 2013.

Walter developed his technique under the direct tutelage of Zang and he was soon qualified to repair and complete SMP treatments that were performed incorrectly by less talented practitioners at other clinics. Clients grew to trust Walter's expertise and attention to detail for ensuring the best results and we are fortunate to have him as our senior practitioner at ZangSMP. If you are a client in need of delicate touch up treatments, you will most likely be assigned Walter as your practitioner.

Meet Marian

This is Marian, ZangSMP's associate practitioner. She has been trained by Zang since 2016 and started her own clinic offering SMP treatments to clients. But in 2017, Zang recruited her to be part of the ZangSMP family and she quickly moved into an associate practitioner role since 2018.

Marian has worked with thousands of clients and tackled some of the toughest hair loss challenges with successful results that have made her one of our most popular practitioners. Her passion for the technique and years of experience in working with all types of hair loss cases have earned her the trust of our clients and accolades from colleagues throughout the industry.

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