The Difference Between High-Quality SMP and Subpar Work

The Difference Between High-Quality SMP and Subpar Work

Hair loss has become a common problem with both men and women. Numerous solutions have emerged and now, scalp micropigmentation, could be the best among them. Safe, non intrusive, affordable with minimal care needs and undetectable results for both shaved heads and those with longer hair.

But not all SMP results are created equal. How can you tell the difference between great SMP vs bad SMP? Any tell tale signs before pursuing this fast growing hair loss solution?

Let's find out. 

Great Scalp Micropigmentation 

A great SMP procedure should improve the hair's appearance without being noticable. It fills in thin or bald spots for a freshly shaved looking scalp. Or it can also fill in thin areas on a full head of hair to create a natural flow throughout. Ultimately, It gives the already existing hairline a dense and better look. It can also help those that shave their head, conceal unsightly scars.

The organic ink pigments mimic hair follicles beautifully and therefore create a consistent, natural looking head of hair for those with shaved heads, scars or longer hair. Ultimately, it should appear as though nothing was done at all to the scalp and if it's done well, it won't be noticed by anyone but you.

Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

Unfortunately, some businesses such as beauticians and tattoo artists think that SMP is a simple procedure and not truly a scientific art. They offer their version of SMP at cheaper rates to entice customers from having the real process completed by a professional SMP artist. Ultimately, SMP should never be confused with a simple skin tattoo, though, it's an easy mistake to make because it seems like such a similar process.

Bad scalp micropigmentation will result in the uneven pigmentation of your scalp. The shading and the pigments will appear unnatural and therefore noticeable to anyone that looks at it, defeating the purpose of having the procedure done in the first place. 

Poor SMP can also fade away with time. It may cause you to shave your head daily due to uneven shades. Another issue is it could inflame your scalp if the proper tools aren't used. Finally, it could be a permanent issue and something you'll have to manage the rest of your life.

How to avoid Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

Always choose a well-reputed and properly trained SMP practitioner. Consult those who have experienced SMP themselves so that they can give you guidance from their own experiences.

And never base your decision on a cheaper solution to simply save a few hundred dollars. Search for quality and be prepared to spend for it.

And before treatment always ask your SMP practitioner to show you the pictures of some of his previously performed SMP procedures and never be afraid to express your concerns or questions. Always ensure that the practitioner is using well graded, high-quality pigments and clean, modern tools. 

If you have any further concerns or questions regarding good and bad scalp micropigmentation, please feel free to call us today or send us a message. We're always happy to help you understand more about SMP and how it can change your life.