Eradicating Farmer’s Tan for an Even Skin Tone

Eradicating Farmer’s Tan for an Even Skin Tone

No matter how careful you are, spending time outdoors in everyday clothing will definitely lead to a farmer’s tan. From streaks on the arms to odd tan lines along the legs, a farmer's tan looks odd as it changes your skin tone in an uneven manner.

You can get rid of this tan with a few simple remedies; keep in mind that it won’t disappear overnight, so you have to be patient in order to see desired results.


Rub half of a freshly cut lemon on your suntan just before taking a shower – it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells so the suntan fades faster. Avoid the sun for an hour afterward.


They have high Vitamin C content, which helps to soothe sunburns and lighten skin at the same time. Peel and cut up potato, puree in a blender to make a paste, and then spread on tanned areas. You can even rub half a potato on your suntan to achieve some of the same effect.

Dry Baking Soda

Constant exposure to the sun can lead to the skin becoming blotchy. To get rid of it, you can dampen the skin and rub baking soda on it in a circular motion. Baking soda is safe and found in just about every home.

Honey, Orange and Yogurt Mask

Peels of bitter oranges are highly effective when it comes to removing deep tan. An enzyme in its peels can boost the production of melanin and ease hyper-pigmentation. Grind dried peels of bitter orange and mix with yoghurt and honey to create a fine paste. Apply uniformly on your skin, let it rest, and then peel it off gently. Repeat twice a week and your tan will steadily fade.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel not only heals sunburned skin, it helps to lighten tanned skin too. Simply apply at night and wash off when you wake in the morning.

Turmeric Paste

Take some turmeric powder, add yoghurt and water, and blend well to prepare a smooth paste. Apply it on your skin to improve elasticity and protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun. Once it is dry, scrub it off gently, and then wash off. Stubborn tans go away naturally if you use this mask twice a week.


Apply buttermilk directly to the skin – it contains lactic acid that helps to shed the upper layer of your skin, the epidermis, naturally. Once this happens, the tan slowly goes away as fresh skin is revealed and it can breathe freely.


Use lotions containing alpha hydroxy or hydrogen peroxide, as applying a tiny amount on a cotton ball and rubbing over affected areas can reduce farmer’s tan. Don’t use it in excess or the skin might feel irritated.

Always apply sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) before stepping outdoors, to parts of your body that is exposed to the sun. It creates a barrier between sunlight and your skin, and prevents it from getting excessively tanned.