The Frequency of Hair Washing and Its Effects on Hair Loss

The Frequency of Hair Washing and Its Effects on Hair Loss

What gives women nightmares and makes men worry?

Hair loss.

Whether you are in your twenties or forties, hair fall can give you sleepless nights as it is an integral part of our beauty. What is more disheartening is that we damage our hair by following the wrong hair care routine. Simple things like showering and washing hair in an incorrect way can lead to hair loss.

Washing and showering your hair daily – are you doing it wrong?

Most of us love to take a hot shower at the end of the day as it makes you feel refreshed. You shampoo your hair every day as you want it to look and smell great.

Sometimes you don’t check the contents of the shampoo when buying one but grab whichever catches your fancy.

When in a hurry, you use the hairdryer to dry the hair.

How many of the above things you do? Do you know these daily habits are leading to hair loss? Don’t panic but you should be aware of the wrong habits that may result in hair loss.

Let us learn the right way of washing and showering our hair.

Washing and showering hair the right way.

The first question that you must ask yourself is do you need wash your hair every single day?

This may surprise you but the fact is we do not need to wash our hair every day. The decision should be based on the type of hair, lifestyle, and scalp type. If your hair is dry, washing it daily will make it drier because the hair loses natural oil making it prone to breakage. However, if you have oily hair, you have to wash it frequently as the hair will look greasy and lifeless.

Using shampoo plays a great role in maintaining the health of your crowning glory. Many beauticians advise shampooing hair daily to get rid of grime and dirt. However, this may cause unnecessary wear and tear of the hair. The hair will lose the natural oil that protects it from damage. So, assess your hair type and lifestyle to determine how frequently you need to wash your hair.

Generally speaking, dry hair types should shampoo a maximum of two times a week, while oily hair types may require washing on a daily basis. If you have normal hair and don't suffer from dryness or oiliness, you have the luxury of washing your hair whenever you feel like you need to. 

It also depends on your hair type. Hair that's thicker, curlier, or processed can go without a wash for longer than hair that is fine. This is because the oils in your scalp don't travel down the hair shaft as quickly as it does in finer hair strands.

And no matter how much you love hot showers, your hair may not enjoy these. Warm water is good for washing hair but if you are using hot water, it can burn the scalp which will damage the hair follicles.

Hot water dehydrates the hair, just like our skin and makes it brittle and dry. As we know, brittle hair is prone to breakage and will increase hair fall.

Similarly, hot styling tools are not good for your hair. The heat damages the proteins and cuticles making your hair weak. Towel drying the hair is the best option to protect your mane. If in a hurry, blow dry your hair but from a distance.

Handle wet hair with care. Use a wide-toothed comb. You should also take a balanced diet to ensure your hair gets all the vital nutrients as we mentioned before.


So, how often should you wash your hair so it doesn't pose hair loss issues? Generally speaking, once every three days at maximum. If you want the best of results, however, consider diving into the specifics of your hair. Ponder texture, styling, how you treat it, the kind of lifestyle you're leading, and other factors which can sum up the perfect washing routine for you.​ It really does depend on your hair type and lifestyle, but overall, daily washing should be avoided if possible.