Understanding Hair Loss: A Global Perspective

Understanding Hair Loss: A Global Perspective

Studies on hair loss in different country’s environments reveal some interesting facts. 

Hair loss statistics in different countries

The Czech Republic registers the highest rate of hair loss at 42.79%. That means almost half of Czech men are bald. This is closely followed by Spain at 42.6% and Germany at 41.2%. The fourth country on the list is France. The other countries in the top list are the UK and the USA.

If you study the data, it becomes apparent that European countries are registering the highest rate of hair loss.

One reason cited by doctors regarding the Czech data is that the cuisine of this country mainly involves meat and salty food. The people eat fewer veggies for which their diet is imbalanced and this causes hair loss. The ethnicity and lifestyle are to be blamed for their receding hairline.

A study has revealed that people descending from Spain have a higher chance of going bald due to their genes. This explains the high rate of hair loss in Spain.

For the UK, and the USA, high levels of stress are the major cause of baldness.

Russian men also experience a high rate of hair loss. One study has linked this to their genes. The study tries to establish that mutation of genes causes a higher rate of hair loss in Russian men.

Hair loss in Asia – the changing pattern

According to a previous study, hair loss in Asia, especially in east Asia was very low. Japanese and Koreans used to lose their hair in their 40s only.

China also was on this list as very few men lost hair in their thirties. However, the situation is changing very fast here. In a recent study, 60% of Chinese men complained of some degree of hair loss. The environment of the country is believed to be responsible for this. The increase in pollution is one of the main reasons for hair loss. The toxins present in the air is highest in some cities of China and the impact is being felt on the hairline of the citizens.

In general, people all over the world are experiencing hair loss. Toxins and carcinogens present in polluted air prevent hair growth as they block the mechanism that produces hair protein.

Stress, smoking, and pollution are the few environmental factors that doctors identify as causes behind hair loss. So, we now know how the environment in different countries is affecting hair loss.